[games_access] Our First Weekly Topic

Eleanor Robinson eleanor at 7128.com
Tue Jan 25 14:24:28 EST 2011

I think it is possible to publish minimal guidelines. It will not
address every issue, but it should address the major issues. For Example:

Visual disabilities

1. Developers should include the ability to increase text size in all
text areas.
2. Any color used should be selected from a list of acceptable
color-blind safe colors and/or should have sufficient texture difference
to enable a color blind person to differentiate between two colors.
3. All controls should be labeled to allow gamers to know what the
controls do.
4. All developers should follow a logical and consistent tab order to
keep context for a blind or visually impaired gamer.
5. Sounds and descriptive material should enhance the gamers
understanding of what is happening in the game.

Each area could be identified and specific minimum standards developed.
The above are just a stream of consciousness type of statements and
would need to be reworked to make them address each of the issues.

We are working on a website to help game developers with adding
accessibility features in their games for blind and VI gamers. It is a
work in progress. We will announce it soon.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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