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I let this domain expire last year but someone else registered it and put my
copyrighted content mixed with a number of spam links. I sent a cease and
desist letter to the hosting company, so I hope the content will be taken
down soon.

Best Eelke

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 8:35 AM, Eleanor Robinson <eleanor at 7128.com> wrote:

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> On 7/13/2011 5:47 AM, Sandra Uhling wrote:


> Hello,


> it looks like that http://www.helpyouplay.com/ is back.

> That is very nice :-)



> Best regards,

> Sandra


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> This is what I get when I select that URL.


> Interaction Design Pattern Library for Games <http://www.helpyouplay.com/>

> Welcome


> Welcome to the Interaction Design Patterns for Games Library. With this

> collection we aim to provide game developers with proven solutions to

> frequent usability and accessibility problems in games. So like pokies<http://www.onlinepokiesaustralia.com.au>and slots

> online <http://www.bestslotsonline.ca> there are many gaming platforms

> that dont perform the the level they once did.

> What is a pattern?


> A pattern tells a designer *when*, *how* and *why* the solution can be

> applied. more.. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interaction_design_pattern>.

> Recent patterns



> dynamic difficulty level<http://www.helpyouplay.com/patterns/dynamic_difficulty_adjustment.xml>

> Dynamically adjusting the difficulty to the performance of the user may

> prevent frustration skippable cutscenes

> <http://www.helpyouplay.com/patterns/skippable_cutscenes.xml>

> Nothing more annoying than having to see the same cutscene over and over

> again Visual saves

> <http://www.helpyouplay.com/visual_saves.xml>A screen shot next to a save

> game makes it easier to identify a savegame Four of the Biggest PC Games

> Reviewed


> While console gaming has become increasingly popular over the past decade,

> PC game has stayed constant with their release of online titles. Four very

> popular titles make up much of the online gaming world, all of them in very

> different genres. There’s still truly something for everyone in the PC

> gaming market.


> *League of Legends*, one of the most popular online games currently is one

> that is actually free-to-play (f2p). This new financial model is one that is

> currently becoming trendy in online PC gaming, with League of Legends as the

> current example of mainstream success. Released in late 2009, League of

> Legends (LoL) was inspired by a very successful predecessor, Defense of the

> Ancients (DotA), a Warcraft 3 custom game. Like many PC games at the time,

> LoL attempted to copy the general concept of Defense of the Ancients while

> putting their own style on the game. For those who once played Defense of

> the Ancients or Heroes of Newerth (another DotA clone), LoL will be very

> familiar.


> League of Legends is considered to be a part of the genre called Massive

> Online Battle Arena. This genre blends Real Time Strategy with control over

> a single aspect or unit. This is unlike other successful real time strategy

> games in which the player controls many different units. Controlling their

> one unit, players must work as a team to defeat their opponents, which are

> also controlled by other players. Matches can have up to ten players, five

> to a side. The sense of competition in these games might be the biggest pull

> for LoL, as nearly the entire game is based around defeating other players.


> Currently, there are over 70 unique units for each player to choose from.

> Each unit, or “champion”, normally has four unique skills. Because there are

> so many unique abilities in the game, there is in fact a steep learning

> curve for those new to the genre. LoL has found ways to help these new

> players, with a dedicated leveling system that matches players with others

> of equal skill. This allows for competitive matches from day one, with

> growing challenges as the player improves. There is relatively little risk

> for new players to try the game, due to its f2p model. Those who do in fact

> decide to spend money on League receive no in-game benefits, but instead

> have an easier time unlocking new champions to play with. This only gives

> the player more options to work with, but doesn’t give a leg up so to speak

> over their opponents.


> With a dedicated ranking system, an extremely large fan base, an

> interesting business model, and a very active design team, League of Legends

> has catapulted itself to the front of online gaming. LoL is following in the

> footsteps of other popular online games with its growing popularity in the blocked

> drains sydney<http://www.sydneyemergencyplumbing.com.au/plumbing-services/blocked-drains>e-sport market. With over seventy thousand concurrent viewers watching a

> single game online during tournaments, it’s easy to see that League of

> Legends is here to stay as a popular online game.


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> There is a lot more beside what I copied, but you get the message.


> Eleanor Robinson

> 7-128 Software



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Best, Eelke

Eelke Folmer
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno
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