[games_access] Serious gaming & Accessibilty

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sun Jul 24 03:23:04 EDT 2011


I forgot something:

Serious Games are often funded by state money.
In THERORY: All countries that ratified the UN Convention CRPD,
have to care about accessibility everywhere state money is used!!

Well, this is the theorie, not the real live :-(

Serious Games Conferences:
I am very glad that Games for Health has this special Accessibility day.
Maybe the Games for Health Europe Conference will folow this example (this autumn, Amsterdam)

I requested to add this topic to the German Serious Games Conference
every year! But there is nothing :-( They do not care about it :-(

Two gamer organisation wanted to present this topic at the gamescom,
but they had lots of troubles.

There is a special place on the gamescom for social education topic.
And again NO.  :-(

We got this special room at the gamescom because of the organisators of the congress.
They said that they want this topic. So it looks like that they did an amazing work for us!
And they provide the equipment and try to get all needed games and stuff.

I am very glad that we have this opportunity!
I really hope that this will change something in Germany.

Best regards,

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