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Barrie Ellis oneswitch at gmail.com
Wed May 4 03:50:48 EDT 2011

Hope this not too late, Tim...

For many console games there are one-switch playable games, but normally menus need to be navigated by another person who can do this...

Darts: Shenmue for the Dreamcast/Xbox has a mini-game of Darts that is one-switch playable.
Fighting: Tekken 6 on the PS3 can be played with a single switch such as Kick as you will kick and move towards your opponent at the same time - ideally in two-player mode or practice arena.
Racing: Destruction Derby on PSone (and PS3 via PSN) can be played using LEFT alone if the accelerator is jammed down on an oval track.
Pinball: Pro Pinball Trilogy on Dreamcast allows you to set both flippers and the plunger to the same button enabling one-button play.
Golf: Everybody's Golf on PS2 allows for a hole to be played using just the 'whack' button - although you may find a little additional help is needed with aiming if you get stuck behind a tree.
Bonkers: WarioWare of GameBoy Advance has lots of absurdly fast one-button micro-games.
Music: Um Jammer Lammy on PSone on easy mode can be played with one-button.
Music: Guitar Hero World Tour for Xbox 360 can be played with one-button on easy mode.
Shoot-em-up: Shooting Gallery on Fairchild Channel F and Canyon Bomber on Atari VCS (going back a bit there I realise).

There have been a number of coin-op arcade games that use one-switch to play (e.g. Steeple Chase, Canyon Bomber, Badlands, Uo Poko, Star Trigon) as well many redemption games that use a single switch such as Stacker.

Here's a few links...


Also, many one-switch players of course play in a team splitting controls to make play managable.

Best wishes,


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Subject: [games_access] Looking for One Switch Games thoughts...

I'm giving a presentation on one switch games at Games 4 Health in May, and wanted to ping the list for thoughts, ideas, resources, etc. on this broad topic.

For example http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/ is a fantastic resource and one I'm pretty familiar with. Any other suggestions, including any "not made for one switch but playable as one switch" commercial games?

The same goes for resources and ideas for one switch games created without accessibility in mind. The Gamma 4 one button competition for GDC 2010 was a good example of this. I talked with some of the developers at GDC, and was sort of surprised to find out some of them had no idea that one switch interactions were viewable from the accessibility point of view. I was pleased that when I mentioned accessibility and one switch design was a whole "culture" out there already, a few developers had those proverbial lightbulbs go off in their minds.



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