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I learnt that it is wrong to think in this way:
One Switch = One Switch Input = One Switch Gameplay

With AT we can have also this:
One Switch = One Switch Input + AT = complex gameplay

The big question is:
When can we use what?

* Difficulty (using AT needs training)
* Availability (AT can cost LOTS of money)

And then the next question is:
How do we realize it?


It would be awesome when MS could implement the ScanMouse into Windows.
But I am wondering what will happen when a program uses also the GPU?

One Switch Gameplay:
This does not mean that the input is very easy, it can be complex too.
AND it is fun!

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In a nutshell, switches are just alternate input devices that can emulate a
mouse or keyboard click on a computer - nothing more. No special commands
or signals come from them. As a developer, if you can make a game that
works just with the spacebar (for example), you've got a game that can work
with a switch.


On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 9:02 PM, <blazeeagle at suddenlink.net> wrote:

Is there a website with reviews of switches to make games more

Switches are often referred to, but Is there a informative,
reasonably information packed site about switches that can act as a good
introduction to switches?



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