[games_access] Updating the SIG White Paper

Tara Voelker (Tefertiller) ttefertiller at igda-gasig.org
Mon May 9 10:47:28 EDT 2011

Hello All!

I am back from my honeymoon! It was great!

Now, in one of the 65406546514657146 emails I got from the SIG while I was
gone, Sandra in Michelle had talked in one of them about updating/re-doing
the white paper.

I am totally for this. I had actually been going through on my own and
taking our white paper and adding in newer US census data (that's what the
original white paper quotes, although by now I got probably get in even
newer census data, since the 2010 numbers have been released now), adding in
new information to deal with new consoles and peripherals like the Wii and
Kinect, and adding in new games that have been developed that incorporated
accessibility features. (If you remember a month or 2 ago, I sent out a
request for games to include in the update- I may have been posted them in
forums. I got a few responses.)

Most of these changes can be seen in a google doc version of the white paper
that Thomas Westin set up like... 6 months ago. That is with the exception
of the updated games list, which I have in a separate document that I
haven't copied pasted over yet. I would like to remind everyone that this
google doc is in the "rough draft" stage, as there are all sort of different
texts and text sizes and fonts... not to mention I haven't proofread it yet.
Also, I never made it all the way through to finish the update as I became
busy with the wedding and all, but now I have time to resume getting this

Additionally, most of the information on our website was pulled from the
updated version of the white paper, if you are interested in seeing about
where it is at.

I know Sandra has already had this document shared with her, and I just
shared it with Michelle as well. There are a handful of other people as
well, although I don't know who off the top of my head. If you would like to
see where the draft is at, just let me know and I can share the document
with you. I do ask that you do not go crazy and start deleting anything in
the document until discussion with other SIG members. I have not deleted
anything myself from the original white paper. Feel free to add in anything
you feel like. Just be sure to do it in a new text color (like blue or
green) so everyone can easily see what is newly added to the rough draft.
Also, please be sure to site any references you use.

Thank you!
Tara (Tefertiller) Voelker - Chairperson
IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

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