[games_access] 7-128 Software new games release

Eleanor Robinson eleanor at 7128.com
Tue Nov 22 11:54:26 EST 2011

7-128 Software has just released three new blind-accessible word games.
They are:

Sounds Like - a game that helps you learn the correct spelling for words
like pare and pair. A homophone word is given, it is used in a
sentence, and the gamer types in the correct spelling for the usage. If
incorrect, the sound alike words with their usage sentence is given
along with the correct spelling of each. People who are blind don't
have the visual reinforcement that sighted people do regarding the
difference in spelling of words that sound alike and have different

Spelling Bee - this is just an old fashioned spelling bee. The word is
said, a definition given, and the player has to spell the word. They
just keep spelling words and accumulating score until they miss - and
that is game over. The contest is how high a score you can rack up.

Crossed Quotes - this game is a quotation in which the short words are
scrambled, and each of the longer words of the quote has a clue like
those given in a crossword puzzle. The first letter of the clued word
is there to help the player figure out what the word is. Besides, the
quotes themselves are fun and inspirational.

We have also put together a Word Scholar GameBook that includes our
other word games and the three games listed above. There are 13 word
games in this pack and all but two of them are blind-accessible.

Check them out at www.7128.com

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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