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Great stuff, Eleanor! Great to see options for blind people steadily


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> 7-128 Software has just released three new blind-accessible word games.

> They are:


> Sounds Like - a game that helps you learn the correct spelling for words

> like pare and pair. A homophone word is given, it is used in a sentence,

> and the gamer types in the correct spelling for the usage. If incorrect,

> the sound alike words with their usage sentence is given along with the

> correct spelling of each. People who are blind don't have the visual

> reinforcement that sighted people do regarding the difference in spelling

> of words that sound alike and have different meanings.


> Spelling Bee - this is just an old fashioned spelling bee. The word is

> said, a definition given, and the player has to spell the word. They just

> keep spelling words and accumulating score until they miss - and that is

> game over. The contest is how high a score you can rack up.


> Crossed Quotes - this game is a quotation in which the short words are

> scrambled, and each of the longer words of the quote has a clue like those

> given in a crossword puzzle. The first letter of the clued word is there

> to help the player figure out what the word is. Besides, the quotes

> themselves are fun and inspirational.


> We have also put together a Word Scholar GameBook that includes our other

> word games and the three games listed above. There are 13 word games in

> this pack and all but two of them are blind-accessible.


> Check them out at www.7128.com


> Eleanor Robinson

> 7-128 Software


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