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Hi Sandra,

If you go to start, all programs, click on my Golf Game, you will
see the users manual as well being able to change the game to play in
Windows Mode there. Below are answers to your other questions.

2. Game Speed

The game of Golf is a slow sport so there really isn't a way to
speed up the Game. but you can play shorter 3,6, and 9 hole versions
in level 2. Also if you use your player in "default mode" the aiming
arrow and power meter bar will speed up or slow down as you play the
game as it adjusts to your skill level.

3. Difficulty

On the menu screen where you chose your golf course you can change
the settings to different environmental conditions. Every hole on
every course is different so this is also a level of difficulty.

4 Training

Level 1 & 2 are technically for training but some of our users
only use this portion of the game to play.

5.Colors on Golfer

On the main menu there is a Tab for create a player. In this area
you can chose many different colors, shirt, hat, logo's etc.

Hope this helps.


> Hello,


> I am looking for a good manual for "My Golf Game"?


> I have the booklet, but I still miss some information

> about how to use the game. I am not a golf expert ;-)



> And of course I need Information for the Game Accessibility Features:

> Where can I change this?


> Window modus?

> Game Speed

> Difficulty

> Training, is this level 1?

> Color of the team? Is this color of the golfer?



> Best regards,

> Sandra


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