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very nice, I like the sound design a lot,

Mvh / Best regards
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On 15Feb 2012, at 4:26 PM, Richard (AudioGames.net) wrote:

> Hi guys,


> Something slightly game-accessibility related:


> Today Sander and I released Gluddle, an iPad/iPhone game: http://www.gluddle.com and http://get.gluddle.com . During the design, we've always taken accessibility into account during each of our design decisions. The current version that is online now has no noticable accessibility options, but accessibility considerations that are present are:


> - no color communication: most game objects are spheres and these distinguish themselves not only via color/skins, but also behaviour (animation and sound).

> - sound alternatives: every important sound event has a visual alternative, in the form of particle effects or animations. Unfortunately not all sounds, see below.

> - simple game play: sounds simple, but we really wanted to make an original game with accessible gameplay mechanics. The game revolves around bouncing balls that have to hit a target. What could be simpler? The only difficulty is that you have to learn to freeze your balls (called Gluddle) in mid-air, which is somewhat counter-intuitive.


> The next couple of things we want to implement are:


> - action captions for sound effects: this is so incredibly easy that I wish it was already in there. The only reason it isn't has to do with the platform (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad) capabilities - it taking too much memory during gameplay. So with the rise of new platforms we can add these.

> - one touch controlling / alternative controlling: actually, Gluddle was programmed with 5 controlling schemes in mind. These are still present in the code. However, we had too little time to implement these further. We hope to add these as soon as possible.

> - speed of play: add setting for the speed of play.

> - auto freeze: add option that Gluddle automatically freeze when they hit the side of the screen.


> And here's some propaganda:


> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njfCT-0jcUc&hd=1


> And if you like the game, please tell your friends with iDevices :-)


> Greets,


> Richard & Sander


> http://creativehero.es


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