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Very nicely done, Lynsey. More power to you. No symbol system is perfect - but if they do help to get across seriously missing information from the public, then this is a good thing.

Hopefully this won't seem like jumping on your coat-tails, Lynsey, and hopefully it will be seen as complimentary....

I've been given the okay to release the Game Accessibility Information symbol (aka "the joypad rider") into the public domain, for anyone to use, as a way of indicating further game accessibility information (i.e. Lynsey's symbols). The good thing about this is that it can be used to simply link off to game reviews (e.g. AbleGamers, Dual-Ring, Videojuegos Accesibles, SpecialEffect etc. etc.) for convenience.

Before it's completely unleashed, would people take a quick look here and tell me if they think the README has problems, especially so when being read on an Apple Mac:


I'd like to see the README translated into other languages too (esp. French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

I see this system as a stepping stone to a PEGI style system to be adopted more widely, but also as a method for indie developers who will never have the cash to submit their game for a formal accessibility appraisal (assuming there would be a cost attached to that, as there is with PEGI). It should help to point people to useful info before they hand over their cash/time.


From: Lynsey Graham
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Subject: [games_access] IndieCity adds accessibility tags

Hello all!

IndieCity, our indie games portal, has added basic accessibility tags alongside the PEGI-style content descriptors:


At the moment we've got icon tags for:

Colour Blind Accessible
Deaf Accessible

Epilepsy Warning

Remappable Controls

Developers can also add their own tags. I'm hoping to push the visibility of it a bit more so that people know it's there, but I'm quite pleased it's gone live and is alongside the other content descriptors - it's a shame that PEGI don't do the same with boxed products.



Lynsey Graham

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