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Scott Ruttencutter scott at iqfoundry.com
Tue Oct 9 00:21:46 EDT 2012

My studio and I are working on a new puzzle game that is a spatial navigation and reasoning game played only with the arrow keys. It is primarily audio driven, but has visual cues that are interesting enough for sighted folks. And we are implementing captioning and complete voiceovers for an audio-driven menu and dialog system that makes it ideal for deaf and blind players alike.

Right now I'm starting a second round of beta testing, and wondered if anybody in this group would be interested in taking a look--but more importantly if you personally know any people with limited input functionality who might like to get involved with us to test the game and give us their feedback. (We've already tested with a small group of blind gamers, and they got quite a kick out of it.)

It is a puzzle game that is more like sudoku and chess than it would be like Halo. It starts easy, to give folks time to acclimate to the spatial reasoning challenges, and then it gets very very hard. Players who like puzzle games tend to really enjoy it.

We have a beta signup form at the link below, but you are also welcome to get in touch with me directly via email or phone if you'd like to chat about the project. Honestly I'd love to get a little more info about the background of our testers so I know where they are coming from and how we might need to tailor a beta experience for them. (Right now we've got a universal flash beta on the web, but we have to create desktop builds for our blind testers since they can't install or interact with Flash).

Anyways, sign up or get in touch if you are interested. Thanks for reading this book that I ended up writing here.



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