[games_access] Xbox One vs PS4 for accessibility

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Hi Barrie,

what about Steam Machine and SteamOS?

Would be nice to know. J

I am wondering what types of accessibility

The SteamOS have, because it is linux based.



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Cheers, Michelle.

That's definitely hope number one at this time. My second hope for physical
accessibility is that Sony/Microsoft and in turn developers don't force
motion control (camera based and six-axis type) nor speech commands upon
players. Giving players a more traditional alternative method should remove
a huge barrier from many otherwise disabled players. If anyone can get the
ear of Microsoft and Sony with this plea, I think it would make a huge

Have a great Christmas/Holiday season all,


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Thanks for that update Barrie -- very helpful! It would be great if MS and
Sony can keep from implementing something that will negate this -- fingers


On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 6:27 PM, Barrie Ellis <oneswitch at gmail.com> wrote:

Thought I'd post a little update on the Xbox One vs. PS4 for physical

Seems the Xbox One presently has a massive advantage, as the Cronus Max team
(www.cronusmax.com) have managed to get their cross-controller converter

It's said that a huge range of PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers (including many
custom accessible controllers) will now work on the Xbox One. The Max Aim
App will also allow a Windows PC to connect, enabling speech, JoyToKey (for
all kinds of things) and the likes of GlovePie (tailor made speech commands)
to work the Xbox One. Very exciting. Adding a cheap "360/P3" adapter will
enable the connection of PSone and PS2 controllers (in theory as this does
work on the older Cronus Device).

So all the Pinterest accessible options I've posted here are possible on
Xbox One too: http://www.pinterest.com/oneswitch/cronus-and-accessibility/

>From a PS4 perspective, there seem to be some problems. It seems that the

front-end menu can be controlled by USB connected joypad like devices, but
games can't. This is as far as things have got so far on the PS4 to the best
of my knowledge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-knog9jtwLE. Looks like this
may need a system update from Sony, to enable USB connected controllers to
work too from my basic understanding.

Fingers crossed both Microsoft and Sony get behind this (or at the very
least, don't try to stop it). Without adapters like these, these consoles
are just bricks to some people.


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