[games_access] Looking for Feedback regarding a Game Engine For Accessible Games (Franco Eus?bio Garcia)

Franco Eusébio Garcia franco.garcia at dc.ufscar.br
Mon Apr 7 09:05:16 EDT 2014

Hello, Ian and everyone!

If anyone else want to try the prototype, I detailed a bit more on how
to use the prototype in:

As I was trying to say in the last message, do not see the prototype
as a full game – consider it a tech demo.

The download link to the binary is the same as in last message
(<http://1drv.ms/1qaNIz5>) - also in the page.

It is a binary application - and, yet, you can still change the game
with the profile.
Everything described in the guide is done in the binary file. Thus,
you will be able to repeat them there.

Should you wish, you are all invited to perform the steps. It would be
great to know whether this is a good approach or not.

Thanks again!

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