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I'd love to see more effort put into contrast, for visuals in general as well as text. I haven't seen many examples of high contrast options, but it's only making more and more sense now that people are more commonly viewing on a wider range of screens in a wider range of environments, and for lots of games it's a really trivial thing to do.
It took this developer a total of around an hour to implement his mode, it's just a rectangle sitting between foreground and background that can be tinted from transparent all the way to fully black or fully white:
A couple of other recent examples are My Ex Boyfriend the Space Tyrant, which goes for a straightforward on/off toggle of a mostly opaque black rectangle between background and foreground, and A City Sleeps, which does the same, but they also manually tweaked the colour of all of the foreground elements too.
Even just a decent default (i.e. snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html) would be nice.
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> Chad spoke about marking a target to make it stand out more clearly.  
> Another example, and one that pertains to MANY gamers is to make the 
> speed of action variable.  Most of us have had an experience of being so 
> frustrated you stop playing a game because you can't move as rapidly as 
> required while you are a newbie at the particular game.  Then you don't 
> recommend the game to others, might even give the game a bad review.
> If the game had a speed dial that could be slowed down until you get 
> "muscle memory" on the actions you need to take, you would not be as 
> frustrated.  This also makes the game far more accessible to silver 
> gamers whose reflexes have slowed, people using assistive devices to 
> select and item etc.
> Another example would be to have two modes of text display.  The small 
> font, low contrast text seen in many games is almost impossible for 
> silver gamers, many of whom have cataracts or other impaired vision to 
> see.  It also is difficult for VI gamers.  Why not have a larger font, 
> higher contrast option that would make the games accessible to more people.
> There are a number of accommodations like that we could list for game 
> companies to try and see if it improves gameplay and increases sales.
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> 7-128 Software
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