[games_access] Looking for feedback

Eleanor eleanor at 7128.com
Sun Apr 19 09:32:05 EDT 2015

Chad spoke about marking a target to make it stand out more clearly.  
Another example, and one that pertains to MANY gamers is to make the 
speed of action variable.  Most of us have had an experience of being so 
frustrated you stop playing a game because you can't move as rapidly as 
required while you are a newbie at the particular game.  Then you don't 
recommend the game to others, might even give the game a bad review.

If the game had a speed dial that could be slowed down until you get 
"muscle memory" on the actions you need to take, you would not be as 
frustrated.  This also makes the game far more accessible to silver 
gamers whose reflexes have slowed, people using assistive devices to 
select and item etc.

Another example would be to have two modes of text display.  The small 
font, low contrast text seen in many games is almost impossible for 
silver gamers, many of whom have cataracts or other impaired vision to 
see.  It also is difficult for VI gamers.  Why not have a larger font, 
higher contrast option that would make the games accessible to more people.

There are a number of accommodations like that we could list for game 
companies to try and see if it improves gameplay and increases sales.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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