[games_access] Important Question: What is our meta aim?

Eleanor eleanor at 7128.com
Sat Jan 10 14:14:40 EST 2015

When you are talking about getting statistics to make a case that 
building in certain accessibility accommodations will result in greater 
sales, one of the things we need to include is the issue of the aging 
population.  In the US, census figures set the percent of persons over 
65 with one or more disabilities at 40%.  The over 65 demographic is 
increasing world wide.  Computer and console gaming have been around for 
around 35 years.  Many people who are entering that age bracket are 
gamers and want to continue to play.  They can't hear as well, they 
can't see as well, they may have arthritis and other impairments and 
quick physical movements may not be possible for them.  Making it easier 
for them to play is certainly going to make money for the game companies.

I agree that it is important to convince the leadership of the larger 
game companies to include accessibility accommodations from the 
beginning of game development.  I also agree that we need to continue to 
reach out to the Indie developers.  With mobile games becoming more and 
more ubiquitous, we need to look at the accommodations that would make 
them more accessible.  We need to continue to be a resource and educator 
for game developers everywhere.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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