[games_access] Fallout 4 - VATS 'Accessibility' Dropped

Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 07:31:31 EDT 2015

He Steve,

the only problem with it really was the insane additional damage & crit. vs
if I would have shot someone manually in the head, that's right, but I
personally as player wouldn't call it broken, especially given of how
efficient it was in FO1 & 2 versus regular attacks and was due to this
'nostalgia feel' taken over.

I agree though that the VATS should be probably scratched for the 3D
shooter-esque games (FO3, New Vegas & 4), given that it mostly was supposed
to offer special attacks in a turn-based games, whereas one in a
shooter-esque game could do that via skill.

I shoot on someones hand, so I should have a chance of crippling it, etc.


Andreas Lopez
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