[games_access] Difficulty of Games = Disability?

Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 23:06:02 EDT 2015

I just now read this article:

And all I could think of is how Difficulties represent a Disability to a
good degree for those that want to do nothing but enjoy the Narrative. That
is why I am so proud of myself that I already have intended for my private
project to have a 'Narrative' Difficulty, as well as an automatic combat.
Though after reading this I may have an actual 'skip combat' embedded into

Keep in mind though that I would design both, auto-combat and skip combat
only for the narrative mode, due to such things as achievements and so that
players don't feel betrayed of how the AI would make stuff easier or to
abuse it in anyway.

Interesting enough, I personally believe that we have to look into
difficulty as disability a bit closer, because it depends only on player
skill. Obviously this should not apply to all games, but to Narrative-Heavy
ones. For example a skip combat option would be pure non-sense in Demon's &
Dark Souls, because that's the whole purpose of the game.

However. In Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and essentially EVERY
single RPG, it should have skip combat options, due to the fact that the
narrative is the core, not the combat mechanics.


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