[games_access] Game Accessibility Guidelines - Breakdown per Genre

Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 15:42:59 EDT 2015

Hey Steve and Tara,

includification does the same as gameaccessibilityguidelines.com it just
says how you can get various accessibility things per disability/impairment
in there, not per game genre.

I want to give filter options of real-life examples of how it could work in
a RPG, versus how it would work in a Racing game. So a dev can be like
"Okay I make a racing game, what can I / should I include?"

So they would click on a filter 'Racing Game' or something and then it
shows the various accessibility features possible for Racing Games. Sure,
many are cross-genre, but we could specify the same accessibility feature
with another example.

Let's take the example of Assistive Steering / Controls.

In a RPG it would be things like fast travel, toggle-walk, auto-move to POI
(like modern MMOs feature), etc.

However in a Racing game it would be automatic breaking, turning-aid,
anti-skid, etc.

It's the same accessibility feature, but needs to be utilized completely
different, and even further the visually impaired could handle the RPG
better than the Racing, because reflexes and reaction are less required (at
least in the example of movement), so even to a degree the target group is


Andreas Lopez
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