[games_access] Game Accessibility Guidelines - Breakdown per Genre

Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 09:33:27 EDT 2015

Hey Dan,

you are definitely on the right track, and I believe Gran Turismo 5 and 6
would make some great examples for accessibility, especially the fact they
built in 'B-Spec' which is basically you governing a driver, while you are
like the team captain so to speak. I believe they had audio for when to gas
up or that you should, etc. But I am not 100% on that. However, even in
3rd-person of your car yo usually have your gauge on your HUD.

To FORCE people to play in 1st person with hands on wheel is a terrible
thing, because I for example hate it and I somehow drive better in 3rd
person from slightly behind my car. Perhaps because I grew up with that
through Need for Speed Underground 1 and what not...

That said, Ian already got in touch with me regards the tags and filtering
the wordpress site, since I have extensive Wordpress knowledge, however if
you believe to know someone who has done thousands of sites - go ahead!
Whatever is best for the site. I designed and made sure of functionality
for only few sites, which are these:


Note that I was working more on design & functionality than content
(especially MCI Health where I don't work anymore)


Andreas Lopez
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