[Town Meeting] May 5 Version Substitute Motion under Article 36, Canine Control

Susan Doctrow srdoctrow at gmail.com
Mon May 10 16:18:12 EDT 2010

Dear Colleagues:

For your convenience, I attach a file with the May 5 version of my
Substitute Motion under Article 36 (Canine Control). This was
already passed out at TM last Wed, May 5 (light blue paper copies on
the chairs). It is to be put before TM when we resume discussion of
Article 36, now scheduled for May 12.

The previous version (April 28) was introduced at TM last Mon, May 3,
and is the Motion now under discussion. (An interim version dated
May 3 was never put before TM and the Moderator advises me that it
can be discarded.)

Please note that this May 5 version is the same as the others in
substance*, but differs in format. As I mentioned when I introduced
the April 28 Motion, the reason for these corrections is a difference
of opinion with regard to the most appropriate format.

For those who were not present to hear that explanation: I had
distributed the April 28 version at TM (on April 28), following its
review by the Moderator and Town Counsel, who sent me an email
indicating it was acceptable.
That following weekend (May 1), Mr. Worden contacted me to advise me
that he believed the format ought to be different. With his advice,
we reworded it in order to pass it out on the first possible day,
Monday May 3. However, because there were many postponements of
prior Articles, debate on Article 36 unexpectedly came up that
evening. Since the May 3 Motion had not been provided to TM by the
required 48 hr in advance, it could not be introduced. So, instead,
I introduced the April 28 version.
After some debate by other TM members, Mr. Fuller, agreeing with Mr.
Worden that the May 3 version was preferable, successfully proposed
postponement of further consideration of Article 36 until May 12.

In the meantime, Town Counsel suggested that we more precisely denote
where in each bylaw the wording should be introduced. Again with Mr.
Worden's advice, this May 5 version was produced.

I apologize for any confusion and hope you understand that some of
this was beyond my control. And, I appreciate the feedback of my
colleagues for making it clearer, and also recognize and respect that
there can be a difference of opinion with regard to these various

Since the May 5 Motion does not change the intent of our proposed
Vote, I believe that the points raised during the TM debate on May 3,
as well as in a written report my colleagues and I submitted to TM on
April 28, still apply.


Susan Doctrow
Precinct 21

*Please, however, note a word change from April 28 of "directly
abutting" to "contiguous". We believe this states the intent more

p.s. Please note, too, that the essential wording of the April 28
Substitute Motion was also presented as a "proposed vote" to the
Selectmen at their March 22 Article 36 hearing (in writing as well as
verbally), and was supported by the Parks and Recreation Commission
at their April 13 meeting. Our intent has not changed throughout the
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