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XMV - eXperimental Music Video 10:00 PM Friday June 6th, 2008

at Collective: Unconscious in Tribeca, New York City


This music video night is designed to present the wide world of the
collaborative effort of people experimenting with video and music. From
shorts to features, from psychedelic to abstract imagery, from minimalism to
edgy pop, and even live performances and dynamic video; XMV runs the gambit
of what to expect and not to expect in experimental video and experimental

Featuring the work of: Randall Woolf , Mary Harron John C. Walsh, Jennifer
Choi, Joshua Frankel, Judd Greenstein, David Frankel, Frank Liao, Fi$h 2000,
Diana Reed Slattery, evidence (Stephen Moore and Scott Smallwood), Laurie
Spiegel, Jay C. Batzner, Sabrina Peña Young's, Robert Voisey, Tilman
Kuntzel, Gary DiBenedetto, David Morneau, and Claire M Singer


On WKCR 89..9 FM New York - Art Waves Radio show Friday June 6th from 9-10

hosted by Anne Cammon

The show can be heard over the Internet at


A saunter through the sundry, the historical, and the just plain hot with
"Ho's in History," profiles of household names who've engaged in the sex
industry by Gerry Visco, "Pass the Butter" by the inimitable Andy Mannle and
stirring poetry by Jean Lehrman accompanied by the vibraphone.

Several of the works from 60x60 will be interlaced into the show. Featured
60x60 composers include: David Hahn, Christopher Ward, George Brunner, David
Gunn, Justin Stone, Alex Shapiro, Allen Strange, Rene Veron, Noah
Creshevsky, Mary Jane Leach, James McWilliam, Piotr Szewczyk, Judith Shatin,
and Aaron Acosta.

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