[Voxnovus] 60x60 performance last weekend in Strasbourg, France

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Tue Jun 10 23:07:18 EDT 2008

With all the commotion going on at Vox Novus, I completely forgot to mention
the 60x60 (2007 / International Mix) Video collaboration with Zlatko Cosic
at the Stimultania Art Gallery in Strasbourg, France.

It seems we had a fan travel from New York to see it and there was a
journalist there. (keep and eye out for a write up:)

Some pictures and the program are posted at the 60x60 Scrapbook:
plus take a look here:

6/6/08 60x60 (2007 / International Mix)
Video collaboration with Zlatko Cosic
Stimultania Art Gallery in Strasbourg, France
Hosted by Paul Clouvel

Composers from 60x60 (2007 / International Mix)
Video collaboration with Zlatko Cosic include:
Henri Algadafe, John Allemeier, Thomas Bailey, Joel-Aime Beauchamp, Benjamin
Boone, Monique Buzzarte, Adam Caird, Grégory Chatonsky, Jesse Clark, Cindy
Cox, Noah Creshevsky, David Cutler, Tilmann Dehnhard, Robert Dick, Andrew
Eckel, Iris Garrelfs, Thierry Gauthier, Marcel Gehrman, Thomas Gerwin, Tomer
Harari, Risto Holopainen, Alphons Izzo, Michiko Kawagoe, Joelle Khoury,
Panayiotis Kokoras, Gintas Kraptavicius, Sophie Lacaze, Micky Landau, Tuan
Hung Le, Graziano Lella, Meng-chia Lin, Drake Mabry, Chris Mann, Al
Margolis, John Maters, Christian McLeer, David McIntire, David Morneau, Jeff
Morris, Tim Mukherjee, Alex Nadjarov, Helen Nattrass, Serban Nichifor, Blas
Payri, John Pitts, Gene Pritsker, Tim Reed, Stephen B. Rothman, Anne van
Schothorst, Laurie Spiegel, Ken Steen, Olivier Tache, Eldad Tsabary,
Philippe Vernier, Andrea Vigani, Daniel Visconti, Jane Wang, Rodney Waschka
II, Simon Whetham, Sabrina Pena Young, and Cynthia Zaven

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