[Voxnovus] 60x60 CD getting airplay in New Zealand!

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Wed Jun 11 23:46:23 EDT 2008

60x60(2004-2005) CD getting airplay in New Zealand!

Ron Hanson is the editor of White Fungus, an experimental arts magazine
based in New Zealand. He is also a radio show host and a great advocate of
the 60x60 project. He has been playing the 60x60(2004-2005) CD over the New
Zealand airwaves and the Internet.

at approximately 12:50 PM New Zealand Time

Ron Hanson will be on the national radio program Upbeat Friday
afternoon June 13th at approximately 12:50pm (Thursday Evening, 8:50pm, New
York Time.) He will be talking about '60X60' and Vox Novus with presenter
Eva Radich. A section of each 60x60 CD from 2004-2005 will be played. Upbeat
is broadcast throughout New Zealand on public music station Concert FM.
It can be streamed live over the Internet at:

Ron has also played parts of each 60x60 CD from 2004-2005 on the last three
shows of 'The Lost Weekend', a weekly radio show on Sunday nights at The
VBC, 6-8pm New Zealand time, (Sunday 2am-4am in New York.)
You can listen to it streaming on-line at

By the way
you might want to check out the magazine. There is a very
interesting interview with Annea Lockwood:

P.S. Stay tuned... the new 60x60 album (2006-2007) is being released soon

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