[casual_games] Market Penetration of Flash 7?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Sep 22 14:38:28 EDT 2005

> http://www.macromedia.com/software/player_census/flashplayer/version_penetration.html 
> It really depends on who your market is. I worked for a long time at a 
> very popular kids site with loads of Flash games. Our users adopted the 

Without divulging too much, movie-goers. This particular breed of 
movie-goer is relatively fervent in their love for the genre in question 
and, though they may not be a regular game player, they would be ones who 
would a) visit the movie's website (with most sites having some sort of 
Flash capability) and b) try out a game devoted specifically to the genre.

> Also, are you making an online game? Or, at least, one that will be 
> distributed online? If so, your partner is not your target audience.

Yes, it'll be online, and distributed as such too. It'd certainly be 
possible to make a downloadable version with all the graphics, but it'd 
still need to phone home to hook into a person's account. There will be 
anonymous play, but it'll still have to phone home to get a list of 
anonymous-playable data. All data is stored in a backend MySQL database, 
with only logic and appearance being handled through Flash. To keep file 
size down, graphics would also be streamed from a backend server when 
needed (roughly 10 graphics at game start, and then 2 new graphics of 
about 15 - 30k each every 15 - 20 seconds or so).

> Also, what do you mean it doesn't look good? Too slow? That could be a 
> combination of the older player and your friend's machine.

I've not personally seen the symptoms, but he tells me that things are a 
few pixels off - a bordering line, for instance, is obscured by the image 
it borders, etc. He hasn't chatted about slowness. [Note: Yes, there's a 
disparity between "you said it's online only" and "you said he has no 
Internet access" - I prepared a special cached version for his tests].

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