[casual_games] Re: egipcian style on casual games

Allan Simonsen Simonsen at rocketmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:23:01 EST 2006

Actually, Ninty is doing exactly that; aiming for the
non-hardcore users. That 'puppies game' (Nintendogs)
is a perfect example; if you have a non-gamer wife or
girlfriend, I'd strongly recommend showing it to her.
Just be ready to purchase another NDS afterwards,
since it'll be appropriated.

Other games that hit our core 'casual audience'
('granny') is Brain Training For Adults; a series of
braintwisters and simple exercises (the digital
equivalent of Crosswords and Sudoko). It's selling
like hotcakes, and to an audience who have never even
thought of buying a console or handheld before (often
retirees, or housewives, doing mental pushups to stave
off Alzheimers).

Definetly, there is an emerging market here, and
hopefully we'll see more spillover from the PC market
to the DS, Revolution and X360 LiveArcade as time goes


> Your mail has kept me thinking on one thing... If
> one day Nintendo decides 
> that they want to produce casual games for their
> consoles (in fact, now that 
> I'm thinking, the puppies game I've seen on DS seems
> something like this)..

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