[casual_games] Different Payment Models

Cole, Vladimir yocole at wharton.upenn.edu
Sun Oct 8 16:32:31 EDT 2006

Chris wrote: "Essentially, it's $0.25 "per play" - which sounds low, but
when you consider the horrible turnover even GOOD games have (in most
cases 1% or less), it may be a really good model for a lot of us."


Is a quarter per play really all that low?

If a game is pulling in $20 per 100 downloads (1% conversion), that's
just $.2 per download. Since a download includes several plays (at
least), $.25 per play represents a much higher monetization rate,
doesn't it?

The problem is that there's no microtransaction solution that's as good
as the US Government-backed quarter. Everyone uses quarters. They don't
require a credit card. They've got no minimum age. They're useful for
things other than video games, the infrastructure's there to support
them, they don't freak out privacy advocates... and so on.


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