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Gert-Jan Brok cglist at fantazm.com
Fri Jun 20 04:04:08 EDT 2008

In a search for the holy grail of browser based game engines. It always
seems that they stay in a niche.
Flash managed to grab the major part of the market, even surpassing it's
(then superior) brother Director (shockwave).
Wild Tangent has turned more towards consoles, Virtools is only getting
picked up slowely, Otoy (I was impressed by the 2006 presentation at the
GDC) hasn't made any announcement since (buy out?). Anark isn't really
suited well for online games. Adobe is working on their new version of
Flash, that has hardware support and the ability to create extensions or
code entire projects in C++. But it isn't here yet.
But it seems that here in the Netherlands we've got a company that is
not only developing a great 3D online platform. But is also specifically
aimed at and supporting game developers. I spoke with them and they are
really passionate about their product. I would suggest to check out
there site and register for the beta http://www.kalydo.com/

Does anyone here know of any other platforms out there that are serious
about bringing good quality 3D games to the browser?

Gert-Jan Brok

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