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Thomas H. Buscaglia thb at gameattorney.com
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I have a few clients selling through Steam. For
"core casual" (casual games that appeal to core
gamers) they are the best as far a I am
concerned. Their royalty rate is almost 2x the
standard portal (heh) rate. AN they have over
15M installs of steam, though that is probably not active users.

Of all of the contracts I have reviewed, theirs
is the fairest I have ever seem...and they pay monthly without hassle or BS.

They are very tight about their sales numbers so nothing much there...

The only down side is that they are understaffed
a bit so at times you may have to send a few emails to engage them.

Tom B

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>Has someone any experience/statistics/oppinion

>about selling ames via Valve´s Steam?







> Veja quais são os assuntos do momento no Yahoo! +Buscados



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