[games_access] 20 Dec 2005 GA meeting: One switch thoughts

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Tue Dec 20 15:57:33 EST 2005

Resending this as it didn't seem to go through:

Ah well - can't get on line, so I'll jot down some thoughts.

Accessible Arcade / Inaccessible Arcade: Simulation glasses:

I've looked into borrowing a set of glasses that simulate to some extent
various sight impairments. Not managed to borrow any yet, but we could buy a
set from www.vine-simspecs.org.uk/simspecs.htm :

"The cost of 1 duplicate VINE Simulation Package is £100.00 NO VAT includes
postage and packing, it would consist of
the 10 pairs of simualtion spectacles and instruction booklet.

If you decide to go ahead send your cheque payable to "V.I.N.E."  and your
full postal address to:- V.I.N.E.  c/o Pearey House, Preston Park, north
Shields NE29 9JR."

Do people think it's worth clubbing together to get these, then sent onto
the most appropriate person attending GDC 2006?

CD for GDC 2006

I've uploaded six one switch games, plus a few audio games. I'd like to
include some kind of README explanation to the oneswitch games. I understand
Richard has uploaded the excellent Drive too. Are there any subtitled
freeware / abandon ware games in existance we might be able to use? What
else might be good for the disk?

Tie in with 7th Independent Games Festival: "Strange Attractors" by Ominous

Eric Walker of Ominous Developments has gladly offered to advertise our
accessible arcade at their booth at the IGF. He's asked "Are there any
special posters or signs or anything you want us to set up? Also, we would
also be thrilled to have our game handed out on a disk at the show."
(http://www.ominousdev.com/ )

Accessible hardware for show

I will contact NAMCO to see if they might lend us one of their "barrier-free
Playstation controllers"
(http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/IMAGES/5/NAMCO/Barrier-free%20controller.jpg ).
I'll also try to get some plug in switches / alternative controllers too for
loan. I'm working on a very promising switch interface at present for PS2
and X-box at present that is very light weight. Should be ready very early
next year in prototype form. Will aim to get them to Thomas in good time.

Any more thoughts on the machines and what games they should show? Perhaps a
mix of accessible and inaccessible? "Destruction Derby" is on it's way to
you Michelle by the way.

My presentation on games taking into account mobility/learning disabilities

Need to firm this up a bit. Thinking about having a load of images to back
up some written info, linking to the accessible arcade. Would someone be
able to read this out in my place?


Barrie Ellis

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