[games_access] IGDA GA meeting: thoughts from OneSwitch

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 23 23:46:05 EST 2005

Just an update on the shirts -- I've sent an email to 
colleagues and Microsoft to see if they will sponsor the 
shirts for giving away at GDC. Then we can have IGDA handle 
the order and payment of those with Microsoft for this phase.

Then, I'd say let's open a cafe press store for people who 
want to order those shirts plus any other shirts we come up 
with, coffee mugs, etc.

I'll set up a paypal link for our site that will explain 
exactly what we are raising money for until the IGDA gets 
the financial stuff worked out propoerly.

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>We might just want to go with cafe press (IGDA uses this 
>for ordering throughout the year) for a permanent thing. 
>me send some emails around about sponsoring some t-shirts 
>giveaway at GDC during the meet and greet. Or whenever. :)
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>>Heya, good thing I scan the digest ;)
>>The sub bank account and funding stuff is something we are 
>looking into for 
>>the IGDA as a whole (ie, for all of our chapters, SIGs, 
>etc). Sadly, this 
>>"formalization" will take some time to map out and 
>implement - certainly 
>>NOT in time for GDC.
>>So, going the CafePress route is smart. Alternately, if 
>SIG could line 
>>up a sponsor for the t-shirts, I could have the IGDA 
>>ordering/payment/etc directly...
>>>2. tshirts: great idea -- how about going through cafe
>>>press? cafepress.com -- that way you don't have to deal 
>>>tshirts sizes and people can order on their own. another
>>>idea in addition to this is fund raising via cafe press --
>>>i'll check with jason (jason? reading this?) :) about
>>>whether we can have a sub bank account of some sort for 
>>>SIG under the IGDA (that way we don't have to worry about
>>>filing for non-profit status and/or file taxes in the US 
>>>the SIG...sigh...I have enough forgetfulness with my own
>>>taxes!). then if we can get that set up then we should be
>>>able to set up the paypal account without worry.
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