[games_access] IGDA GA meeting: thoughts from OneSwitch

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 23 20:38:17 EST 2005

We might just want to go with cafe press (IGDA uses this too 
for ordering throughout the year) for a permanent thing. Let 
me send some emails around about sponsoring some t-shirts to 
giveaway at GDC during the meet and greet. Or whenever. :)


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>Heya, good thing I scan the digest ;)
>The sub bank account and funding stuff is something we are 
looking into for 
>the IGDA as a whole (ie, for all of our chapters, SIGs, 
etc). Sadly, this 
>"formalization" will take some time to map out and 
implement - certainly 
>NOT in time for GDC.
>So, going the CafePress route is smart. Alternately, if the 
SIG could line 
>up a sponsor for the t-shirts, I could have the IGDA handle 
>ordering/payment/etc directly...
>>2. tshirts: great idea -- how about going through cafe
>>press? cafepress.com -- that way you don't have to deal 
>>tshirts sizes and people can order on their own. another
>>idea in addition to this is fund raising via cafe press --
>>i'll check with jason (jason? reading this?) :) about
>>whether we can have a sub bank account of some sort for the
>>SIG under the IGDA (that way we don't have to worry about
>>filing for non-profit status and/or file taxes in the US 
>>the SIG...sigh...I have enough forgetfulness with my own
>>taxes!). then if we can get that set up then we should be
>>able to set up the paypal account without worry.
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