[games_access] duel navigation? Please could all members voice their opinions?

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Wed Nov 16 17:49:38 EST 2005

> I particularly like your clear description*, but in my
> experience  that isn't what happens. afaik tabbing and mousing
> are treated totally separately, so tab - mouse - tab results
> in #2.
> Please could you confirm that you consider that tabbing should
> be  from the last element with focus? this would mean a change
> of current 'expected behaviour'.

yes, I'd agree "that tabbing should be from the last element with
focus".  However, when "focus" is achieved is a secondary
question.  With a mouse, there's a distinct difference between
just hovering over a link and clicking (or clicking but then
either hitting <ESC> or dragging away to select the link but not
click it fully) a link.

I'd say that the behavior I described previously (that you seemed
to like[*]) is apropriate for the hovering pseudo-focus.
However, I'd say that if you've actually made some sort of
*selection* action with the mouse, not just a hovering "what is
this" (or even more benignly, just happen to be passing over a
field between points A and B), then that should rightly set the
focus on that control.

When I hover the mouse over something in whatever application, I
don't expect it to be treated the same way as actually clicking
on it.  When clicking, I'd expect the focus to go there, just as
if I had tabbed to it and to treat clicking as if I pressed
<Space> or <Enter> to activate the currently focused item.

I think to nail your question down, you'd have to clearly
distinguish between full-fledged "focus" and merely "hovering" or
moving over a link.  I'd say the expected behaviors vary
depending on the action.

Just my humble $2.0e-2 on the matter. :)


> *If you tab-focus link #1, it should show that target URL.
> Then, if you move your mouse over link #2, it show the URL for
> link #2.  If you move the mouse off of link #2, it should
> revert to the URL for link #1 (with keyboard focus). Whether
> you move the mouse off a link or not, if you tab-focus again
> with the keyboard to link #3,

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