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I agree with Thomas that...

- braille display
- stereo/surround headphones
- stereo/surround speakers
- video screen with englarged fonts
- force feedback devices

...are definitely all "output devices". Wikipedia definition of an "input 

"A number of devices are used for *entering* data into a machine, typically 
a computer."

I think this is the general opinion on input/output devices.



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>> I still find the question
>> "What type of input do you use?"
>> to be wrong, given the options which are
>> braille
>> stereo headphones
>> surround headphones
>> stereo speakers
>> surround speakers
>> video screen with englarged fonts
>> force feedback devices
>> all of those or _output_ devices?
> I guess it could be interpreted as "how do *you the player* get your 
> input".  But it is a bit ambiguous.  Perhaps something such as "Which, if 
> any, of the following specialized hardware do you use while gaming?" might 
> make it less ambiguous.
>> Otherwise, great work with the survey!
> seconded!  I do notice that it still requires JavaScript to be enabled, or 
> otherwise some of the sections come up blank. Otherwise, as long as I had 
> JS turned on, it worked fine, and nothing stood out as glaringly peculiar 
> :)
> -tim
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