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Sander and I've been busy working on the Game-Accessibility website, which we are slowly releasing to the public now... very slowly since there's still a huge amount of typos and several sections not yet filled in. But anyway, you can already get a glance of what it is becoming...


Of course we still have to add loads of resources and we're still toying with the format here and there (like the gamer section which is the biggest mess still). Since Sander and I mostly know resources related to audio games and blind-related game accessibiltiy, I am wondering If any of you know some good (academic) resources on game accessibility for other handicaps... I'm mostly interested in research papers, project descriptions and academic resources but of course everything is welcome... I managed find some stuff I saved on my computer years ago which is now gone from the internet (which is one of the aims of the project - to prevent resources from fading away after a couple of years)... anyone have some older stuff on game accessibility as well? Like, last century stuff (I only got a few papers from the 1990's which only refer to game accessibility like "maybe in the future we could have games for blind children as well...?"...?


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