[games_access] sign language characters? Reid, Richard, Anyone

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Thu Apr 13 15:04:04 EDT 2006


>"There are many many forms of sign language. Native americans have
> their own, different countries in Europe have their own, and different
> parts of Asia have their own. They are like dialects I think. They all
> use the same grammatical rules (I believe) but the hand shapes and
> motions might be very different for the same word. Facial expressions
> play a HUGE part in sign language. Even in spoken dialog, facial
> expressions play a big part. Body language is a universal language and
> facial expressions are included in that."

On this theme, you might be suprised, Robert, that ASL (American Sign 
Language) and BSL (British Sign Language) are quite different. In fact 
something as simple as the alphabet are totally different (ASL uses one 
hand, BSL uses two hands).

I'm told very proficient signers can often find a middle ground between 
different sign languages to communicate on a basic level. Maybe one day 
there'll be an Esperanto type Universal Sign Language...


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