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Thanks for the summary, I really appreciate it. Too bad with all the double 
events, but hey, 20 people is still more than Develop Brighton ;)
I agree that game design schools are a good target for our subject. If we 
could get accessibility into the curriculum of such schools/academies it 
means that every year there will be more people in the game industry who are 
aware of this. I personally found many of my students quite liking the 
subject and from september there will be two game design interns working at 
our foundation on blind-accessible games.

Anyone up for an Accessible Game Design Package (including a CD-rom with 
tutorials, footage, etc.?). I once did one on web accessibility: 



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We presented a panel at the ACM Sandbox Symposium on Video Games in Boston 
last weekend. We had three presenters, Matthew Atkinson from AGRIP, Giannis 
Georgalis from ICS-FORTH, and myself.

Unfortunately, we ran against another panel, so the audience was split 
between the two panels. We had about 20 - 25 people attending. (To make 
matters a bit worse, we were right after lunch and the SIGGRAPH registration 
desks had just opened, so we lost
people to those two events.)

We had an hour to present, so we went over what game accessibility is, why 
it is needed, effects of disabilities on the ability to play games, and the 
top 10 list. This took about 50 minutes. We had some good questions at the 
end from the audience.
Overall it went well. The slides will be posted on the Sandbox Symposium 
site at some point in the future. I will provide a set to Michelle so she 
can get them up on the IGDA site if possible.

The ACM was pleased with the way the conference went, because this was the 
first time they held it. Apparently it will be held again. We should plan to 
be a part of it for the next time. There were 225 participants from a 
variety of schools and from the
game industry.

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