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Future Play: www.futureplay.com <http://www.futureplay.com/>  

The International Academic Conference on the Future of Game Design and


O        Cutting edge research in computer game technology and game

O        Future game impacts and applications

O        How industry trends will affect game design for learning,
training and entertainment 

O        The impact of issues likes gender awareness, age, race and
culture on game design 

O        Dynamic wide-ranging discussions and presentations of the
latest research from across North America and around the world


...that's what you will find October 10 - 12 at Future Play 2006.


This is the newest and fastest-growing conference for researchers, game
developers and designers, introducing new concepts, challenging status
quo ideas and building social and professional networks between the pure
research and commercial development gaming worlds. 

Keynote speakers Justin Roche
<http://futureplay.pictographics.ca/index.php?pID=78> , Don Daglow
<http://futureplay.pictographics.ca/index.php?pID=79> , Dr. Ken Perlin
<http://futureplay.pictographics.ca/index.php?pID=80> , Clint Hocking
<http://www.futureplay.org/index.php?pID=136>  and Sheri Graner Ray
<http://www.futureplay.org/index.php?pID=121>  lead a program that
brings together well-known heavy-hitters in the gaming world, academic
researchers and radical game experimenters.


We are thrilled to announce our Serious Games Construction Workshop  

In this hands-on workshop, attendees you will explore the potential
spectrum of serious games, from mini-games to massively multi-learner
games. Attendees will examine issues in serious game design while being
introduced to the "Design-Play-Experience" framework. The framework
presents a language to discuss serious game design, a methodology to
analyze a design, and a process to design a serious game. Throughout the
workshop, attendees will participate in guided activities to understand
the process of serious game design. Attendees will apply what they have
learned by beginning the process of creating their own serious games.


Please visit our website for more information www.futureplay.org



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