[games_access] also. Roberts presentation? simply amazing. XNA Game Studio Express

Brannon Zahand brannonz at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 14 19:38:48 EDT 2006

Thanks Robert!

I've been super excited about this; it has been hard keeping it under my hat. :) If you guys get me a list of your questions regarding the announcement today, I'll see what I can do to get answers. Be forewarned, however, it might take a little while to get them.


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This is simply amazing Brannon great luck with this.  I think that you are going to present a presentation to Microsoft isn't about this studio express?  I just sent a letter to the writer of that article hopefully maybe she can help out or to a story.  I told her all about my situation and having this free tool would be amazing.  I don't have to wish any more about one-day meeting a developer, showing my ideas, getting it published millions of dollars so on and so on.  I hope that this tool is simple like that but I don't know much more about it if anyone can help refine more about this tool please let me know.  This is one I will be wishing and hoping for the next GDC outlook for people responsible for bringing its life.

I'm putting together a presentation also for Game Health conference in Baltimore I'll be speaking September 28 and 29.  If anyone would like to help me with the review or probably pieced together a speech about game accessibility I could truly use the health it's going to be a huge feet to find all the useful information a everyone here has got such knowledge all probably pieced together from.  And of course reference to your contact.  Likewise you've done so for me.  Thanks please contact me let me know if you can help.

Currently I'm working so hard at the Art Institute online game design on my first game production team.  We're not make anything accessible sadly, I tried but we didn't have the resources to look into the Never Winter Nights bioware engine we are working with none of us really have that much skill to really figure out the scripting.  What an experience in game leadership I am the producer for our six man team and it is a headache and a pleasure to do keeping everyone in track, making assignments my goodness is there a lot of work putting together a game.  We were given our own premade Game Design Document so kind of right there from the start we were stuck with that idea.  Only 11 weeks also so we are doing our best mostly just trying to get the story, encounters and some cool store development across the best way possible.  I'll let y'all know about the module to play it when I'm finished.

Thank you for sharing this.
AI online SGA President
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Subject: [games_access] To Brannon and Eelke and others visiting MSGameFest: XNA Game Studio Express


Just received news about the "Windows/XBox360 Game Development tool for Dummies" XNA Game Studio Express:


Could anyone ask the folks at the Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express stand (if there is one):

- if the tool can be used to develop more accessible games? (for example: does it already contain easy functionality to add, say captions? Or: is it possible for people to make and share a caption engine?)
- if the tool is accessible for people with disabilities who want to develop their own games?

I'm very interested in this development.... so Brannon: good luck with your presentation!



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