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Why not get a *REAL* person from Idols or Models?

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> Yeah, but we can call it "GDC next top accessibility idol modeling agency" 
> ;)
> Someone's gotta be the MC and I do a better Tyra/Janice than Ryan. ;)
> Michelle
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>>   What!!... this is Idol, not Model... if not, then I
>>   want to be the one with the dog... oh no, he short
>>   and bald... errr... the British photogrpaher guy?
>>   But then with a dog?
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>>     A quick update -- we won't hear about the
>>     roundtables for a while so maybe we'll get one or
>>     both of those. Jason pointed out yesterday that
>>     maybe having the short-sput roundtables will
>>     impact people more after seeing accessibility idol
>>     -- the problem with the tutorials is that they
>>     take place BEFORE the main attractions start with
>>     GDC. So while it's not what we'd wanted, finger's
>>     crossed that they will at least give us some
>>     roundtable time.
>>     The good news is that we have a TWO hour time slot
>>     for accessibility idol versus a 1 hour slot. That
>>     means that there can be a lot more "information
>>     sharing" (ie, teaching) that occurs during the
>>     session and we can focus our energies on making
>>     sure that Idol gets the attention it needs to
>>     really be a jam packed session.
>>     We do have a lot to discuss about this -- we need
>>     it to have some irreverent humor and not be a
>>     "everyone's a winner" for participating in the
>>     challenge session because that leaves people with
>>     the "great! now we've done something!" feeling
>>     when really all they've done is attend a session.
>>     So we need to figure out how to get a "so WHY WHY
>>     WHY is this not in [game title x]" kind of
>>     over-the-top attitude. So I'll be setting up a SIG
>>     meeting soon for us to start discussing this in
>>     more detail and discussing which of us can pull
>>     off the best "catty humor," "probably under the
>>     influence of some kind of mind altering substance,
>>     etc parts YET still be able to get design critique
>>     across. Because this is a SHOW, after all, and the
>>     best way to reach the "must attend" status of a
>>     "Will Wright talks about cattle futures" or a
>>     "Game Design Challenge: Mr. Rogers shoots up a
>>     bunch of Aliens" session is to bring some
>>     outragiousness to the session! So we need the
>>     perfect blend of people with over-the-top
>>     personality and ability to get important
>>     accessibility info out.
>>     BTW -- I decided a few weeks ago that I'm not
>>     going to be a dull Ryan Seacrest but instead be a
>>     Tyra Banks meets Janice Dickenson loudmouth style
>>     host. :D
>>     Michelle
>>       Well...after dealing with a ton of fun at
>>       airports the last few days, I just got back to
>>       find out that the GDC people are not going to
>>       allocate space for a game accessibility tutorial
>>       this year due to the low turnout (especially by
>>       the end of the day when it REALLY counted
>>       because people had to fill out forms about it).
>>       Also we had so many different people coming in
>>       and out throughout the day that they didn't get
>>       counted either. I'm trying to appeal this but
>>       we'll see.
>>       So this might be the end of that idea I had that
>>       the accessibility idol session would result in
>>       an increased buzz about accessibility and thus
>>       increase our numbers for the tutorial. The good
>>       news is that the accessibility idol session is a
>>       "go," as well as a group gathering (the session
>>       where we were gathered around the IGDA booth).
>>       I'm trying to find out about the status of the
>>       roundtables.
>>       What does this mean for us? Well, this will
>>       really, really cut back on the amount of people
>>       we can bring from the SIG to GDC because we
>>       won't have a one-day session since there will be
>>       no "breakdown by disability type" sub-sessions
>>       within the tutorial day. It may also mean that
>>       only the accessibility idol session will result
>>       in speaker's passes and that's a 60-90 minute
>>       session (not sure yet) so it won't justify the
>>       larger amount of passes that the tutorial did.
>>       So...sigh...this was not the best news that I
>>       wanted to return to -- I should have guessed --
>>       my Monday started with a rental car drive from
>>       Detroit to Champaign in the middle of the night
>>       thanks to airport messes. No airport has the
>>       same rules right now and I don't even want to go
>>       into why I wasn't allowed to board a
>>       plane...that UK trip looked "weird" to the
>>       Detroit airport team...
>>       Ok, so we're waiting on an appeal but the space
>>       at the Moscone center in San Fran is not very
>>       friendly for GDC so I'm thinking that we're not
>>       going to get the tutorial but you never know!?!
>>       Michelle (who is trying to catch up on the
>>       latest list stuff because I've been without
>>       internet connection since Thursday)
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