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Tue Aug 15 23:50:44 EDT 2006

> "I'd like us to put together a strategy guide so the
> designers know what to put in and not before I asked the or he does this
> good we get that?"

I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't tell them anything about how to
make their game designs more accessible before the session. To be as
good as a designer as Will Wright, you need to do your research. Once
we give them the idea, accessible games for people of various
disabilities we should let them go in whatever direction they want.
This will force them to research what disabilities are, etc. If they
are skilled designers, (which they are) they should come up with some
great ideas.


On 8/15/06, Robert Florio <arthit73 at> wrote:
> Thanks for the update I'm glad we got a go on the idle accessibility event.
> I'll have to work on a character if I'm selected to be one of the judges, I
> hope so, I think I'd be a great judge because a deal specifically and
> visually ever one looks at me as someone who you know, a wheelchair, can't
> use his hands, cannot move very much, obviously needs to design games for
> himself who would be a good judge.
> Maybe for myself what I should go for the is a personality of, a very
> high-profile talent agent of a very successful billion-dollar accessible
> video game company.  I could wear the Hawaiian shirts and the dark black
> sunglasses with my hair slick straight back.  That or if I have a little bit
> to drink before then I will be loose enough to do anything.
> Bringing back my acting skills from acting class I took a few weeks ago,
> this will be a good challenge to bring out part of me not everyone gets to
> see.  How are we actually go to get these big-name so, do they know that
> they're going to be asked yet to create a game or they just going to create
> the game right then and there if they decide to show up for the session.  I
> think we should be able to contact these people and put the word out that
> they might be there or will be there.
> I'd like to e-mail I have a e-mail of David Peary, my favorite game designer
> The Matrix Path of Neo, the most successful game for me, who maybe I could
> get him to come is that something I could do?  Someone to propose an
> accessible game.  I'd like us to put together a strategy guide so the
> designers know what to put in and not before I asked the or he does this
> good we get that?
> Can you please let me know when you're meeting will be and sent me an
> instant message when you're doing it my America Online instant messages
> below if you're not using that let me know what please.
> arthit73sga
> Robert
> AI online SGA President
> arthit73 at

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