[games_access] message to developers at conference

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Jan 2 07:59:01 EST 2006

Hi Robert,

We're hoping that the group's work and membership will keep snow-balling 
alongside the work of others (such as Samsung, Valve, Namco etc.). The dream 
of games becoming accessible to all is unlikely to happen. Some 3D games 
make me very nauseous with motion sickness after a short period of playing. 
However, for me, there's loads of alternatives, which should be the case for 

What sorts of games can you not play Robert? What are the barriers for you? 
I was impressed by your video with the Quadcontrol.

If you've been looking at the one switch games, I'd recommend you take a 
look at the following:


Alice Amazed: (very nice menu system, wide range of difficulties, 2 player 
option, simple controls)
Aurikon: (nice use of multiple functions on a single button)
Mini Golf 1 Button Style: (nice way that all golf games could be made more 
Orbit Racers: (oval tracks can be very accessible)
Sentinella: (superb Robotron type game for one switch)
Sky Puppy: (accessibility issues here - requires sustained rapid presses - 
just too much for many disabled gamers - could be fixed)
Star Wars: (if you know Atari's classic 1983 game, you might never had 
thought it possible to reduce the controls down so far, but it works)
Strange Attractors: (the game up for an award at the Independent Game 
Festival at GDC 2006).
Stone Worm: (I just like this)

Try this for some great Audio Games: 
http://www.audiogames.net/listgames.php?mode=short - I recommend looking at 
"The Curb Game", "Terraformers" and "The Blind Eye" as well as 
http://homepage2.nifty.com/JHS/SIFB_TRIAL2.exe - for "Space Invaders for 

Have a great 2006.

Barrie Ellis

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