[games_access] T-shirt

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Wed Jan 11 15:37:18 EST 2006

> here is a mod of the original t-shirt design where I removed the "eye" 
> dot of the e to make it less pacman look-alike

[sniff]  I kinda liked it with the eye.  It's a font thing, not 
exactly pacman himself, so I think it would have been okay to 
keep it :)

> + 8 more (!) to choose from


> Please note: this design is just for the t-shirt, not as a logo. 

Is there a way to combine the IGDA logo and the SIG logo into one 
item?  Perhaps stacking them?  Something to reduce it from three 
elements (logo, IGDA logo, and SIG name) into two elements for 
less clutter?

Just another $0.02


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