[games_access] from wheelchair perspective. Inaccessible arcades.

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Sun Jan 15 18:22:23 EST 2006

Yes, there is an ironic message with arcade game consoles
being inaccessible -- good point. I think where we are going
with the wheelchair symbol is that it is a universally
recognized disability symbol. 

The problem, of course, is that by extending the wheelchair
symbol we suggest that we are primarily concerned with
mobility disabilities -- which we are concerned with but we
are primarily concerned with the full range of disabilities
and increasing the accessibility for all gamers. 

So there we go...full circle again! Why was it that we
couldn't go with pacman in a wheelchair, a space invader with
a cane and speech bubbles? ;) KIDDING!!!! No need to go over
the intellectual property and being sued thing again. :)

Boy...this tshirt is really a hot topic on the list...who knew? 


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>Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:11:48 -0500
>From: "Robert Florio" <arthit73 at cablespeed.com>  
>Subject: [games_access] from wheelchair perspective.
 Inaccessible arcades.  
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>   I just wanted to point out from my perspective this
>   design kind of cancels itself out because every
>   single arcade is completely not handicapped
>   accessible for those in wheelchairs.  A disability
>   wheelchair signed on a silhouette arcade machine is
>   funny to me because the arcade machine really is a
>   great symbol for a game system totally not
>   accessible.  First of all consider the height of a
>   wheelchair the eye level would be right at the
>   controls and you couldn't see down to see the
>   screen.  I really do like the other idea I had with
>   the mountain and a gold medal wheelchair at the top
>   of it.  It represents the trophy the challenge, the
>   fun to get the reward and the reward.  What do you
>   guys think?  Maybe if I get time I'll do a sketch
>   making it look as clean as I can.  Anyone else can
>   draw it up also.  Thanks.  Here's the link I just
>   copied it so you could reference it from the
>   previous discussion message.
>   Robert
>   www.RobertFlorio.com all of out hard and game
>   accessibility
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