[games_access] Nintendo revolution controller and quadriplegic player.

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Tue Jan 31 12:42:15 EST 2006

Thank you Reid Kimball for posting the article about Travis Taft from Southern California who is 19 a quadriplegic similar to my condition but has a little bit more function.  He says that the Nintendo revolution controller will help him tremendously because he doesn't have to use two hands.  I was encouraged by the public relations lady in charge of Nintendo's public relations was very receptive and I'm going to try to contact her and already contacted the man who wrote the article to try to find out more Asian.  It looks like Nintendo is always up for something innovative and new which might be a better route for me to contact about game design accessibility issues and really getting started the way I really want to.  I have to be careful though I don't want them to take off with my idea than I will be left behind struggling with what I have which was nothing but an idea still.  Thanks for posting this it was a great story I hope to get in touch with Travis that Nintendo public relations manager and also the man who wrote the article.  Below is the article if anyone is interested you should read it's good.  I still have no word about the winners of the scholarship to the game design conference in San Jose but I find out by the 15th I think.

If you missed my interview with my friend Shawn Sines check it out on my homepage of my web site just click on where it says "listen in."  It was a great interview about game accessibility on his pod cast iTunes you don't have to download anything it just starts playing.

I have a little less function than Travis in the story so that controller might help him out more than myself however any controller that requires pushing buttons separate from the movement for me is almost impossible without something like the mouth controller I use to play games.  I'm hoping soon my game design classes will allow me to start working on my own versions of my games right now we just now art and story development character design which is a little more very disappointing because at this stage we should be able to start developing the game I think.
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