[games_access] RetroRemakes 2006 Programmer Q&A's: VisualImpairment - what to take into account?

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There are multiple types of color blindness, all concerning red, green and blue receptors. This simple text explains the basics (http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/8833/coloreye.html):

 Color blindness is an inaccurate term for a lack of perceptual sensitivity to certain colors. Absolute color blindness is almost unknow. There are three types of color receptors in our eyes, red, green and blue. We also have black and white receptors. They are more sensitive than the color receptors, that is why we have poor color perception in the dark. 
   Color blindness comes as a result of a lack of one or more of the types of color receptors (richard: so basically every combination is possible: lack of green, red, blue, red and green, red and blue, green and blue, red green and blue). Most color perception defects are for red or green or both. About 10% of males have a color perception defect, but this is rare in females. Red-green color blindness is a result of a lack of red receptors. 
    Another form of color blindness -- yellow-blue is the second most common form, but it's extremely rare. It is also possible to have the color receptors missing entirely, which would result in black and white vision. 

This website is a bit more in depth but still tells the basics in common language: http://colorvisiontesting.com/color2.htm

I also suggest toying with the free VisCheck and Daltonize Photoshop plugins if you have a chance - with these you can simulate colorblindness and correct images such as graphs etc. so that they are accessible for people who are colorblind: http://www.vischeck.com/



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  Color blindness and other visual disorders (Fact vs. Fiction) 


  I guess to make Accessibility features for our games we have to be well educated and know the facts from the urban legends.

  All I really know about color blindness is the old "they can't tell red and green apart" wife's tale and I am not even sure how true that is.

  So if anyone has any EXPERIENCE or knowledge with any visual disorders please be my sensi!

  What can and can't people with color blindness really see?

  What other visual disorders should we be aware of? And what are the effects of these disorders on the people having them?


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