[games_access] Complaint regarding Florian Eckhardt

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Jun 2 16:31:33 EDT 2006

Dear all,

Indeed. This is highly offensive and I am highly 
offended. I understand that it's hard to grasp a 
game that could be universally accessible, but 
that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to make 
games accessible to MORE. But beside that, the 
language in his post is a bit unbelievable in 
this day and age. I could take a million cheap 
shots at his comment (as I'm sure many of us 
could) but I won't because, frankly, it's just 
not worth going there.

"The stupid and incompetent" ... I see that we 
have a long, long way to go still. This might 
make a nice example to cite in our upcoming game 
conference presentations and in our book, 
especially when developers find it hard to fathom 
that we'd run across such bigotry...which we, 
unfortunately, still do. Thoughts?

Michelle Hinn
Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

At 9:04 PM +0100 6/2/06, Barrie Ellis wrote:
>Dear Brian and Alice,
>I have transcribed a recent post on Kotaku.com 
>below, which I find grossly offensive. I'd 
>appreciate it if you would read it through.
>Retro Remakes Big 2006 Retro Remaking Contest
><http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/video/videos-tetris-music-battle-177913.php>previous post   
>post »
>Retro Remakes is sponsoring a huge honking 
>contest to create the best remake of a classic 
>video game. There's £3692 worth of prizes to be 
>won for "Good remakes of good games that anyone 
>can play, regardless of their ability."
>We're puzzled by that last qualification: 
>certainly, developing a game for people with, 
>banding syndrome in mind is a rather large 
>requirement to win a copy of a 2D scroller 
>programming book. We assume, then, that what 
>they really mean is "Good remakes of good games 
>that even the stupid and incompetent can play." 
>A lofty, if perhaps equally out of reach, goal.
>So if you're a dev who has just always wanted to 
>give birth to a Frogger clone but never could 
>justify the time, head on over and check it out. 
>The prizes look quite good and the world could 
>always use some more retro clones. FLORIAN 
>Remakes: The Big 2006 Compo [Retro Remakes]
>I find his manner nasty in the extreme. Do you 
>allow extreme racist, homophobic or sexist 
>comments on Kotaku too? If not, please explain 
>to me the difference. Are disabled people a 
>softer target, and therefore fair game?
>Barrie Ellis
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