[games_access] Florian Eckhardt Remarks May Lead to Better Conference Intro

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Jun 3 16:41:22 EDT 2006

What Kelly, Tim, and Reid have suggested isn't the same but it's in 
the same spirit of what I tried to do during the GDC tutorial opening 
presentation -- only even better, more concrete. :) I'll work with 
this when I'm redoing my opening for Develop Brighton.

I like to make people feel really uncomfortable about even THINKING 
about leaving the room when I start out. ;)

Haha...Now I'm remembering what a headache I was to the audio techs 
in the room at the GDC when I was talking while moving like crazy and 
then jumped off the stage toward the accessibility arcade. 
Hahahahahahahahahaha. I forgot that my "US talk show host" style 
wasn't "audio recording friendly" for a lot. They then hooked me up 
to a VERY wired mic I had to wear for the rest of the day.

Great ideas everyone -- thanks!!


>Tim, I like the concept. At first, the presenter could really hype up
>the fictional "game". Say it's a game from some foreign country that
>has existed for thousands of years and is extremely fun to play it,
>like "Go" but better. Everyone that has learned the new game always
>teaches it to their friends. This should build up anticipation and
>hype from the audience to really want to play the game. Then the
>presenter does his elimination bit, continually going until a handful
>are left standing and then says what Tim Chase wrote above, that only
>those standing can play. *pause for a minute while looking at the
>audience* "How does that make you feel? That there's this great game
>I'm about to teach some people to play, and yet you can't? Those of
>you standing, how does that make you feel that most of this audience
>can't play the game I'm about to teach? That is what it's like for
>many disabled people and their friends when they hear about the newest
>blockbuster games and can't play them because they lacked
>accessibility features."
>A good analogy to help people relate to the feeling of being left out
>might be to ask if there was ever a game they really wanted to play
>but it was only released on one system, the system they didn't have.
>Like a PS2 exclusive game or they were a MAC user and couldn't play
>the hottest PC game.
>On 6/3/06, Tim Chase <agdev at thechases.com> wrote:
>>  > Ok...off soap box for the next minute, anyway.
>>Hmm...there's this empty soap-box here [Tim ascends and clears
>>It might be interesting in a presentation to developers to have
>>the audience stand, and then eliminate folks by asking them to
>>sit for fairly arbitrary reasons.  Start with some accessibility
>>issues and move to more and more fine-grained (and arbitrary)
>>"If you've ever been in a wheelchair, please sit down"
>>"If you've ever worn corrective lenses, please sit down"
>>"If you've ever broken a bone, please sit down"
>>"If you're color-blind, please sit down"
>>"If you've got any allergies, please sit down"
>>"If you've been sick and taken a day off work in the last three
>>years, please sit down"
>>"If you're not between 5'2" and 5'6", please sit down"
>>"If you don't make at least $100k/yr, please sit down"
>>"If you're not female, please sit down"
>>"If you're not wearing jeans, please sit down"
>>"If they're not made by Levi Strauss, please sit down"
>>"I'm sorry, this game can only be played by those of you that are
>>still standing"
>>Ideally, you'd leave only one person still standing at the end of
>>it. :)
>>Just a random idea...
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