[games_access] Arcade Sticks with two+ sticks...

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Jun 5 15:14:11 EDT 2006

> What can developer do to make it easier on people who can't use duel
> joystick controllers. It's standard practice in 3rd person games to
> make the left stick control player movement and the right stick
> control the camera. I personally hate the idea of having to control
> two things at once (player and camera) in order to play a game. I
> always recommend that we provide an option for the player to choose if
> they want to control the camera or not. If not, the camera simply is
> fixed to the player character's back.
> Are there other solutions developers can consider?

They could give the option to duplicate one analogue stick onto the D-pad.

They could look to make the game playable with one stick and not three. 
Maybe a 3rd person view will be necessary. Maybe automatic hints, help and 
camera changes will be necessary (as with Shenmue sometimes when you 
approach certain points in the game, where the camera takes over from you to 
highlight something, such as a street banner).

Remappable controls from analogue to digital and vice versa would be a god 
send. There are Golf and Driving games I've played that can only be played 
using analogue sticks. It's so easy to make these games work with simple 
digital controls.

Any more ideas...?


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